St. Thomas’ Church is an active place! Among our parish activities, you’ll discover
many of the ministries you’d expect to find in any church, as well as a few that might
surprise you. In everything we do, we strive to be a place where fellow pilgrims can
find and be found by God.

Acolytes ready for action!

Acolytes ready for action!

Below is an ever-changing list of ministries that take place at St. Thomas’ Church. For more information about any of these programs, groups, or ministries, please
e-mail the church office.

Hosting Community Groups

St. Thomas is pleased to host a number of groups who use¬†our facilities on a weekly, monthly, or periodic basis: Girl Scouts, Champaign Whirl-Aways, Narcotics Anonymous, Bath Peace and Justice Group, and others. We’ve also hosted large gatherings for events sponsored by the Episcopal DIocese of Rochester, for Alcoholics Anonymous, training sessions for ARC of Steuben, Bridges Out of Poverty, and others.